Where is a Folding iPhone?

Where is a folding iPhone?

Folding smartphones have been presented by Samsung and Huawei recently. All eyes on Apple now! We can say that Apple’s iPhone created smartphone’s history. The new mobile era began in June 2007 when it was introduced by Steve Jobs. Since then, the iPhone took the dominant place in the smartphones market. For the first time,

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Gutenberg is coming! Are you ready?

Gutenberg is page builder!

Is WordPress 5.0 coming this week!? According to the post from WordPress Core blog, we will have a new core version of the WordPress this week! WordPress’s founder Matt Mullenweg announced that the 5.0 version got a new target date. It’s December 6th. Although, we had many delays for this release so far, and we can’t be

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A freelance web developer site has been launched!

Welcome to awebdeloper.co.uk! Hey guys, I’m glad to have you here. I’m looking forward to sharing my development skills with you. In addition, let me keep you updated with the latest geeky IT news, and whenever something new happens in web coding world. And as the things are moving quickly, there’s no chance to get boring here

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